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Undergraduate Education

The College of Basic Medical Sciences currently hosts 13 departments (teaching and research offices), one National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and five functional laboratories. In 2012, the Experimental Teaching Center of Basic Medical Sciences was approved by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance as a National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. Besides,  together with the Experimental Center of Biology and Experimental Center of Chemistry of Jilin University, it was also rated as a national-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in colleges and universities under the “12th Five-Year Plan”.


The College of Basic Medical Sciences emphasizes the crucial role of undergraduate program. Under the educational philosophy of “Coordinated development of knowledge impartment, ability cultivation, and improvement of comprehensive quality”, it takes students’ development as the central task and adheres to the intensive development path centered on quality improvement through strengthening faculty improvement, teaching and research, teaching facilities, and teaching quality. The School currently has 243 faculty members, including 165 teachers, 61 experimental and technical personnel, one national-level outstanding teacher, three outstanding teachers in Jilin Province, and one promising teacher in Jilin Province. It has five national-level outstanding teaching teams in pathology, and four provincial-level outstanding teaching teams. The College of Basic Medical Sciences has established basic medical theory and experiment courses for 18 undergraduate majors or directions of the  Medical Department, and also for students at other levels such as master’s, doctoral, and international programs. Currently, the College offers 59 theoretical courses and 45 experimental courses for undergraduates. Besides, itundertakes basic research training for seven-year clinical medicine and experimental classes, innovation and entrepreneurship projects of college students, and open experiment projects of Jilin University. Every year, around 1,000 undergraduates are enrolled in the medicine-related programs. The teaching time of the College amounts to 570,000 hours per year.


In response to the development trend of medical education reform around the world, and in order to meet the demand of the society for competent health professionals, the College of Basic Medical Sciences actively exploring a unique medical talent training model and improving the quality of medical and health talent cultivation. It is constantly deepening and improving the teaching research and reform, and strengthening the integration of courses, the reform of teaching methods, and experimental innovation, etc., to improve and cultivate students’ overall quality, and their capability of independent and lifelong learning. The College of Basic Medical Sciences is working to build itself as an important base for the cultivation of senior medical and health professionals with “a solid foundation, strong competency, and an innovative spirit”.